Luna Botanicals

Urban Forest Bathing Installation

at The Space

🌿I M M E R S E🌿 yourself in the lushness and serenity of vibrant plant life. The meditation room will be filled with a variety of indoor trees, plants and botanical art installations by Luna Botanicals. This lush setting is meant to serve as an environment of relaxation & plant inspiration for your own home or workplace. Each piece will be available for purchase, along with the care instructions of how to nurture your new plant friend. 

There will be several events throughout the week focused on connecting with plant life, as well as a Luna Botanicals plant sale to finish out the event. Read below, or click the ticket link for more information about each event. 

Installation - Meditations - Workshops - Plant Sale


Plant Meditation: Succulents // $15 per person

Relax in this urban jungle during an hour of mindful planting with Luna Botanicals and The Space.  Bringing even a small amount of organic elements into your daily life can create a sense of organic harmony, as plants improve air quality, reduce stress and breathe life into any space.

  •  Choose your own plant from a variety of some of the cutest botanicals on the block…mini succulents! All planting elements and materials will be provided for you. 
  • We will discuss the importance of each layer of rock, sand and dirt in creating a healthy environment for your new plant friend to thrive, and the importance of mindfully connecting with the living things around you.
  • You’ll leave with a newly planted succulent mini, and the knowledge of how to nurture and enjoy your new plant friend in the serenity of your own space.🌿

 ***Pre-registration is required. Email with any questions.


February 22 // 6pm - 7pm

March 1 // 6pm - 7pm

Staghorn Fern Workshop // $45 per person

Join us for a Saturday of planting, hammering, crafting and learning. 

  • In this relaxing, yet stimulating workshop, you’ll learn how to mount your very own shade-loving Staghorn Fern to a reclaimed wooden board. All plants, wood and tools are provided in the class!
  • We will offer tips on plant and natural wood piece selections, and teach you how to properly mount these works of living art. 
  • You’ll leave with your mounted staghorn fern creation in hand, and the knowledge of how to nurture it in your own space for years to come. 

***Pre-registration is required. Email with any questions.


  • February 24 // 12pm - 2pm
  • March 3 // 12pm - 2pm

Luna Botanicals Plant Sale 

Shop a variety of Luna Botanicals’ plant curations and creations. From mounted staghorn ferns, to kokedama, to evergreen moss walls embedded with crystals to air plant hairpieces…each of our botanical pieces are constructed by hand and grown with care to support the life of these fascinating plants. You'll leave with a care card giving you all the details on how to properly nurture your new plant friend. 

We hope our botanical collection inspires you to add green to your space and nurturing growth into your lifestyle.

Email with any questions.


March 3 // 2pm - 6pm


Ground Yourself

With Plant Life