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Specializing in both commercial and residential design, we create instant impact, bold, immersive and sustainable spaces with nature as the focus. We go far beyond aesthetics by prioritizing the therapeutic and biophilic connections that our growing gardens create. 


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Podcast: Biophilia

We were interviewed by the brilliant architects behind the Swarm! Listen to us talk about plants, business, biophilia, love and life in New Orleans and beyond.


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Inspired by the Crescent City, Luna Botanicals living art pieces are handcrafted and grown on Esplanade Avenue in New Orleans.  Curate a botanical art gallery to add serenity, life and growth  to your space. 


โ€œWhen one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world.โ€

โ€“ John Muir


Luna Life: Staghorn Ferns

These structural stunners can thrive indoors or outdoors with the proper care and techniques. Learn about our approach to Staghorn Fern care!


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